Anonymous: What did he say about raping teenage girls?






Well, this is tremendously shitty and unacceptable.

wow …….

I just wanted to add that while searching for more info on this I found the twitter post that this was in response to. The twitter post you see is in reference to a group of twelve year old girls who were standing in front of him in line to get food. He literally made this joke about twelve year old girls that were standing right next to him. I was hoping to find that he’d apologized for saying this, but instead I found that he frequently makes rapey jokes. For someone who works in the sex industry and who holds a huge amount of power in sex culture, he should be significantly more responsible than this. 

So, I’m not a huge James Deen fan to begin with. I reblog him and make gifs of him from time to time. But I won’t be doing that any longer. Mr. Deen has publicly said a number of things that further perpetuate a serious problem in the sex industry and I won’t support that.

Society Is Wrong


I was eight years old when I learnt that being ‘gay’ was an insult.

I was nine when I began using it,

ten when I realised that it was wrong.

I was seven when I was told that ‘same sex couples’ didn’t exist.

Eight when I was told that it was attention seeking.

Eight when the word ‘gay’ was…


seduce me with office supplies

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